Are you tired of starting your house cleaning journey with enthusiasm, only to lose steam a few days in? 🙋‍♀️

Say hello to an easy system that keeps you on track every week!

⬇️ The Scrub and Shine System ⬇️

The Scrub and Shine System is here! Stay on top of all your cleaning tasks. Plus get access to a library full of how-to and clean-with-me videos, cleaning tips and inspiration and more!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Scrub and Shine?

Scrub and Shine is a system that helps you stay on top of your household cleaning tasks. It includes 22 5"x7" laminated cards held together with a ring and it comes with a wet erase marker. Hang these cards with your cleaning supplies and complete the weekly, monthly, quarterly and biannual tasks, checking them off as you go.

In addition to the cards, you will also have access to a private resource library full of how-to videos, helpful tips, and clean-with-me videos.

Need more inspiration and motivation? Join our private Facebook community and find support from others using the scrub and shine system.

What you will get when you purchase?

• Reusable cards that give you a checklist guide for all areas of your house

• A private resource site with videos and tips.

• Membership in a private Facebook group.

How much does this cost?

The Scrub and Shine system is a one-time investment of $39. That includes the cards, shipping, the private resources library and a private Facebook community.

How much time will this take every week?

The Scrub and Shine System includes weekly, monthly and quarterly tasks to stay on top of recurring chores (such as dishes, laundry, cleaning out the fridge, vacuuming, toilets - all those sorts of things). There are two biannual (every six months) cards for deep cleaning your house.

Scrub and Shine gives you structure for keeping up with inevitable household tasks. The more frequently you do these tasks, the less time they will take each week. Ultimately, the size of your house, the amount of time you have for cleaning, the number of people and pets you live with, and the speed with which you go through the tasks determines the amount of time it will take you.

What is your return policy?

This product is not eligible for returns. Since it comes with intellectual property components (the resource library and private community) we cannot offer refunds.

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