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We are passionate about:

  • the power of community

  • removing all judgment and shame around clutter

  • teaching simple decluttering and home organization strategies that anyone can apply

  • building programs that support you in ALL areas of your life as you tackle clutter

  • your success

Meet the Coaches

Professional & Compassionate

The Clutter Boss Coaches consist of a group of professionals with diverse backgrounds hailing from different parts of the country.

All of our Clutter Coaches have all gone through our programs and have been inspired to establish their own local businesses while still serving our online communities.

They have experienced the same challenges as our members and can relate to their daily struggles.

Our coaches are enthusiastic about your success and are committed to providing you with the motivation and continuous support needed to achieve success.

Our coaching team reflects our belief that

all the clutter in life is interconnected, and it includes professionals from various disciplines, such as finance, mindset, health, psychotherapy, and communication.

Clutter Boss Coaches


We offer a variety of different programs with different levels of commitment and support. Find the one that best meets your needs or mix and match a few programs to create a custom sampling.

Clutter Bootcamp

Everything starts with Clutter Bootcamp.

Decluttering Marathon Pass


Live effective strategies to overcome overwhelm and break down the decluttering process into manageable steps to help you declutter your home once and for all!

Clean With Me

A dynamic 2-hour cleaning extravaganza led by our expert team of coaches. Move through your space in 20-30 minute guided intervals and stay on top of the toughest grime!

Clutter Boss Basics


A program focused on decluttering, accountability and consistency.

Clutter Boss Academy

The most effective decluttering program on the planet.

House to Home

Creating functional spaces you love!

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