You have decluttered SO MUCH... but you feel like your space could be so much more functional.

You want to decorate but putting nail to wall feels too overwhelming.

You feel like you could improve your habits and maintain your space even better but consistent motivation eludes you.

You’ve found resources online but the 395,000,000 Google Search results you've found only left you with more questions than answers.

Your house is better than ever before, but it's not "done".

  • Behind the Scenes with Jes: see how Jes maintains her home everyday!

  • Learn the basic skills to start transforming space. From painting, to hanging artwork, to cooking and entertaining... Jes shares all!

  • One weekly coaching call. The day and time of the call will rotate quarterly.

  • A private FB group to ask questions and get support.

  • Daily motivation, including videos and pictures from my house to yours!

  • Coaching will include: heart-centered habit-building, prioritizing your life

  • How to manage your to-do list.

  • Personalized advice and recommendations for your space.


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